Use Paint Strainers for a Precise Paint Job

Pick the right paint strainers for your next automotive paint job.

It is important that you strain your paint using the paint strainers before you start painting your vehicle. It not only ensures the paint is applied evenly but also improves the look and appearance of the painted surface.

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The paint strainers filter the contents of the paint and remove the pieces of debris and dirt. While painting your vehicle, you can use the strainer to give the perfect finishing touch. The strainer is easy to use and can be re-used. It fits perfectly inside the paint bucket of various sizes.

paint strainers
paint strainer for car

Why should you use paint strainers to paint your automobile?

  • 1. The strainer eliminates dirt, dust, debris, and unwanted particles from the paint
  • 2. Straining the paint increases its shelf-life and improves the quality
  • 3. It minimises the chances of future damages and gives a smooth finishing to the paint
  • 4. The paint strainers preserve the painting tools and equipment and prevent clogging by filtering the paint

The paint strainers work by creating a barrier between the painting tools and paint. The spray attached to the pump filters the debris particles. The strainer consists of a polyester screen that acts as a filter and removes the impurities from the paint. It will reduce your workload and increase your efficiency.

Paint Measuring Cups

The paint strainers contain a rectangular mesh screen to strain materials such as acrylic paint, oil-based paint, automotive primers, and enamels. You can choose the size of the mesh screen based on the size and dimensions of your vehicle.

Using the paint strainers, you can access the clean paint and get a smooth finish. It also has a strainer bag and contains an elastic opening that makes it compatible with any type of paint.

Use the paint measuring cups to mix paints

The paint measuring cups allow you to measure the exact ratio of the paint. They are highly recommended in the automotive paint industry and will help you get the correct mixture. Using the cups, you can mix the paint with the solution or thinner to get an even and clear coat of paint.

paint measuring cups
car paint mixing

Getting the exact ratios of the paint and solution is an essential part of the painting process, and that is why you should use the mixing cups. The ratio is printed on the outer side of the paint measuring cups. You can pour the paint up to the specified mark and then add the solvent to achieve the accurate results. The paint measuring cups are convenient and lightweight and define the volume fractions of the components mixed inside it.

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