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Give a signature look to your vehicle with auto paint.

There are a lot of factors you should consider if you want to paint your car and modify the way it looks. Identifying the right type of automotive paints, colour, finishing, and painting resources are essential to make the right decision. 

By choosing the automotive paints, you can revamp your car design and add an extra layer of coating to protect its exterior from harsh environmental conditions. You can use automotive paints in Melbourne for protecting as well as decorating your vehicle. The paint is applied in several layers and forms a thick base. You can add a layer of base coat after applying the automotive primer to give a glossy finish to your vehicle. 

auto paints suppliers
auto paints supplies

Auto Paint

Melbourne Autopaint offers a series of automotive paints in Melbourne made from innovative technologies. We have extensive knowledge of paints, shades, coatings, and current automotive trends. If you own an old car model, then you can apply coats of auto paint and make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Our experts will help you determine what type of auto paint you need based on the size of your vehicle. 

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Once you have chosen the shade of automotive paints, think about the type of finishing touch you want to give to your vehicle. A glossy or matte finish will give your vehicle a high-end look. The metallic paint contains components of aluminium flakes that add a sparkly effect to your vehicle. By applying the automotive paints, you can upgrade your car model and protect them from rust. The specially formulated paints prevent rust from spreading and covers old dent and scratch marks.

We will help you pick the best automotive paints according to your car make and model. You can choose a cost-effective auto paint solutions such as plastic dip which consists of a durable rubber coating; it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Such types of automotive paints are easily peel-able and protect the vehicle against corrosion, moisture, and abrasion. You can remove and apply the paint coating on vinyl and cast vinyl surfaces. 

The water-based automotive paints in Melbourne will provide a high-quality gloss finish to your vehicle and requires several coats to achieve the desired effect. It is an effective option to save your time and money and protect your vehicle from corrosion. The auto paint is durable and is abrasion-resistant. 

automotive paints supply online
automotive paints suppliers

The two-stage automotive paints are more comparatively more effective than single-stage paints as additional paint coats are applied to the top of the primer coat. The clear enamel coat adds a glossy finish to the exteriors of your car and does not fades. With quick dry time, this coating is resistant to chipping and cracking. The auto paint has high retention and can be applied easily using a spray gun. You can mix acrylic hardener in the paint coat for better durability. 

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