Choose Automotive Clear Coat for Ultimate Protection

Use an automotive clear coat to give a brand new look to your vehicle.

What if there is a way to protect your vehicle from the harmful UV rays?

The answer is an Automotive Clear Coat.

Road debris, scratches, and daily wear and tear can affect the quality of paint of your vehicle and lead to discolouration if left unattended for a longer duration of time. If you are planning on selling your vehicle, then painting it is a good idea to increase its resale value. The automotive clear coat is a non-pigmented varnish that is applied over the base coat to enhance the colour and protect your car from stain marks, scratches, and stains.

Now give an entirely new look to your car at an affordable price.

automotive clear coat
car clear coat

Car Clear Coat

A dry base paint coat peels of quickly whereas the automotive clear coat contains an acrylic-urethane coat that has strong adhesive properties and will make your car paint shine. It offers a high-gloss finish and protects the paint from external weather and high-temperature conditions.

Applying the automotive clear coat will enhance the paintwork of your car, giving it a matte finish. You can protect your vehicle from damage, dust, and corrosion. If your car has scratches, then you should go with the automotive clear coat to hide the spots and marks.

The clear coat is applied to the top of the colour coat selected by you and protects the paint giving a new shining look to your vehicle. The automotive clear coat dries up faster and does not take much time to settle. The clear coat is easy to apply using the spray cans and spray paint guns. If your car has scratch marks, then apply an automotive clear coat for better results. The clear coat prevents the entry of harmful UV rays and discolouration of your car, which keeps the paint durable and long-lasting.

Apply a clear car coat to improve the appearance of your car.

Why should you use a car clear coat?

  • 1. The coat protects the paint of your car from sunlight and dust particles
  • 2. The clear car coat gives a glossy finish and adds depth to the colour
  • 3. The coat dries off quickly and gives an overall smooth finish to the colour coat
  • 4. The coat offers maximum coverage in less money
  • 5. The coat can be directly applied using a spray bottle and requires no mixing
  • 6.The coat can be applied on metal surfaces

The car clear coat is a transparent paint that deepens the base colour and protects the outer layer from damage.

car clear coat
best automotive clear coat

At Melbourne Autopaint, we will help you choose quality paint equipment for giving a smoother and professional finish to your vehicle. You can spray the clear coats on your car after washing it. It would be best if you considered the climate and humidity changes in your area while purchasing the painting products. The car clear coat is specially formulated to protect your vehicle against moisture and rust.

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