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My name is Rodney Le Nepveu
I have worked in the panel beating and spray painting industry for approximately 35 years, Over that period of time, I learned every possible type of refinishing process imaginable from back yarders and used cars to complete restoration of vintage cars and everything in between Using most of the automotive products available to the trade over that period of time.

My desire is to assist automotive businesses and individuals to achieve a beautiful durable long-lasting finish using the best products available in the automotive market but still be cost-effective.

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Revamp your car model with Auto Paint Supplies

Enhance the look of your car by choosing the best auto paint supply online. Want to repaint your vehicle? With Melbourne Auto paint, you can change the way your car looks and increase its resale value. If you are planning to get your car repainted, then choose professional automotive paints suppliers that can help and guide you throughout the painting process.

Automobiles are prone to damage, and the daily wear and tear affect their exteriors and decrease the time span. Whether your car has a scratch mark or rust, choosing the appropriate auto paint supply online will help you overcome such problems and redefine its value in the market.

We offer quality auto paint supplies, and you can explore a variety of painting products that are customised for your needs. Along with this, you will get complete technical support from our team, making your experience pleasant. The auto paint supplies are developed using innovative technology and cater to the revamping needs of our clients. Enquire with our team of professionals, and we guarantee to repaint your car and make it look better than before.

Explore the auto paint supply online and give a new look to your automobile.

Being a team of reliable automotive paints suppliers, we offer an exciting range of high-performing solvents and automobile painting solutions that gives the desired look to your automobile. The basecoat of the paint provides a sophisticated look to the vehicle.

The auto paint supplies such as a automotive primer have fast-drying properties and effectively remove the dents marks and scratches and gives a smooth finishing touch to the exteriors of the car. It promotes a great level of levelling and is easy to apply. You can also opt for latex-based paint that is resistant to water and environment friendly.

The automotive paints suppliers will help you pick the right colour that matches perfectly with your automobile. With uniform coverage, you will get a corrosion-resistant coating paint that makes it durable and long-lasting.

The auto paint supplies offer several colour-coded options that you can choose from. The colour coating provides the ultimate protection to your vehicle from the external environment and weather conditions. You can choose auto paint supply online that is made specifically as per the technical specifications of your vehicle. You can browse a range of coloured pigments to create an impactful visual image of your vehicle. You can select a solid colour to give a metallic paint finish to your vehicle.

Protect your car from direct sunlight damage by choosing a clear coat auto paint supply online. The best thing about a clear coating is that it is resistant to UV light and will protect your vehicle from chemical damage as well. The scratch-resistant quality of the paint makes it a suitable option for those whose work requires them to drive frequently.

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We are one of the best Auto Paint Suppliers serving Ringwood and surrounding areas.


In today's date auto painting does not seem to be such a big deal, but it is highly important for it to be done right, by a professional and with the genuine products. If done right, auto paint may even spare the owner of ever having to take the car to an auto body shop for the same type of treatment in the future.


In terms of Auto Paint Products we do not compromise with the quality of the product In MAPE, we use Nippon Paints, By far it's one of the best paint supplies company in the current world. And we Make sure that all our products are well certified and genuine.


Anyone can paint something, it takes a lot of experience skills and expertise to do it well. MAPE has extensive experience, training, and skills using paint systems. We can maintain your Professional standard and reflect it in your Car paint as well.

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